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Katie Apone
Branding Champion for Progressive Causes

Who is Katie?

I'm a Seattle-based freelancer who uses graphic design, web development, and content strategy to help progressive causes inspire their audiences to take action.

Do you want your organization's materials to look so sleek that people can't help but get behind your mission? Want your audience to look at your website and be energized to take action? Want to win people's attention by making sure your message is clear and inspirational?

I have a vision for what progressive campaigns look and feel like, and I want to work with you to help make the world a better place. I've worked at, the Peace Corps, and other progressive causes for over 7 years helping to create great design and content. I decided to go into freelancing to amplify the voices of progressive causes already out there doing great work.

Every organization needs great design and content strategy, so why not work with someone who already understands the needs and constraints of progressive organizations and who also truly cares about the causes?

Read more about me in my Hello Media Lab interview.

"Katie is a design GENIUS, and we are so thankful! The Victim Support Team so badly needed a marketing refresh. We are so excited to put our new materials to use."

- Kaylee DiMaggio, Volunteer Supervisor at the Victim Support Team of Seattle Police Department


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The Victim Support Team

The Victim Support Team at the Seattle Police Department supports and advocates for survivors of domestic violence.

I re-designed one of their handouts to recruit more volunteers. I also prepared a styleguide for the team to solidify their visual identity. If a member of their staff needs to create a document without me, they'll be able to recreate style elements I had used in the original design. All their materials can have a cohesive look, and a potential volunteer glancing at any of their materials will be able to know that it's coming from their organization.

  • Pic serves thousands of teachers and millions of students across the globe by empowering them with computer science skills.

I worked closely with the software developers at and within their branding guidelines to re-design the landing page for all teacher accounts so that it would be easier to navigate and more visually appealing than before.

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Youth Voice, Youth Choice

Youth Voice, Youth Choice is a a new participatory budgeting initiative from the City of Seattle, in which the youth of Seattle democratically decide how to spend $700,000 of the City's budget.

I designed the Youth Voice, Youth Choice logo, branding guidelines, powerpoint presentations, flyers, one-pagers, website content, social media content, and email communications. As a new program to the City, I ensured the all parts of the campaign had a consistent, recognizable feel while appealing to youth.

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Technically Learning

This educational nonprofit helped teachers in the Seattle area to integrate robotics into their classrooms. To highlight their work and recruit new schools, I designed and laid out their newsletters, annual reports, and email campaigns.

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Young Women Empowered

Young Women Empowered provides mentorship and empowerment programs for teen women in the greater Seattle area, serving a diverse group of girls, ages 13-18, and women mentors, ages 19-70+.

I update Young Women Empowered's website in Wordpress. I also design graphics for their website, materials for their events, and mailchimp emails.


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